Committee Appointed to Select Members of South and East Dogwood Trail Task Force

A Selection Committee has been appointed by the Town Council for the purpose of recommending separate appointment of a nine (9) member South and East Dogwood Trails Task Force. The role of the Task Force will be to gather information from the people of Southern Shores and make recommendations to the Town Council on viable solutions for current street and safety conditions on South and East Dogwood Trails.

The Selection Committee is charged with “insuring that the South and East Dogwood Trails Task Force is populated in such a manner as to avoid preconceived notions or biases toward personally desired outcomes.” The Selection Committee will conduct its business, including recruitment of Task Force members, independently of Town Council and staff. Any actual meetings of the Selection Committee will be open meetings and noticed. The Task Force is to be made up of: three (3) members being fulltime Town residents from East, South, and North Dogwood Trails; four (4) members at-large being fulltime Town residents; one (1) fulltime Town resident being a member of the Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department; and one (1) fulltime Town resident being a member of the Town of Southern Shores Planning Board.

Town of Southern Shores citizens appointed (July 7, 2015) to the Task Force Selection Committee:

• Ike McRee, 52 Scuppernong Lane, County Attorney of Currituck County, former Town Attorney of Town of Southern Shores

• Hal Denny, 85 Poteskeet Trail, former Mayor (two terms) of Town of Southern Shores, long-term member of Chicahauk Property Owens Association, Southern Shores Civic Association, and Southern Shores Boat Club

• Ross Mitchell, 143 Beech Tree Trail, former President of Southern Shores Civic Association

• Pat Wilson, 101 Bear Track Lane, Member, Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department

• Andy Ward, 147 Bayberry Trail, General Contractor

• Rev. Dr. Alan Swartz, 16 Wood Duck Court, Pastor, Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church

Once organized, the Selection Committee will notify the Town Clerk as to how a citizen may directly contact the committee for purposes of submitting an interest in serving on the Task Force.

6/26/17 **The street contractor has informed the Town it will need to actually close traffic today through tomorrow as the last act of paving for the Juniper Trail improvement project. Signs will go up as before when the street is closed.
Change in Beach Nourishment Schedule – Nourishment of the Kitty Hawk/Southern Shores beaches is now scheduled to commence in early August. Given the haul distance from Borrow Area A to KDH is significantly shorter than the distance to KH, GLDD is strongly considering constructing KDH before they do Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores. The shorter distance is more conducive to the smaller dredges and they want to maximize their production while the Dodge and Padre are on site.