Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Dept.

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Fire Safety Information & Tips from the SSVFD

Knox Authorization Rapid Entry System

Emergency: 911 Non-Emergency Fire Department: 252-261-2272

Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit corporation consisting of volunteer membership. It provides fire service and emergency medical support to Southern Shores and Martin’s Point. Funding is provided by the Town of Southern Shores and Dare County based upon contracts between the Department and the governments concerned. The Department also provides citizen education regarding fire safety. For more information go to

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Hurricane Matthew storm debris cleanup began in Southern Shores on October 24th and will continue over the next several weeks. All storm-generated debris will be picked up by the Town's contractors authorized by FEMA. Please have all remaining storm-generated debris out in right-of-way (immediate shoulder) of your public street by Friday December 2nd. The FEMA contractors will continue to pick up storm-generated debris placed out by December 2nd until completed. Note: this pick is not for damaged large items or routine yard waste that have not been generated by the storm. The Town's monthly limb and branch pick-up service, in accordance with its rules and guidelines, for info click here, will resume after December 2nd. Please note the limb and branch removal service does not include removal of piled leaves. We thank our residents for their patience during this time of cleanup, as debris volumes are very high and crews are working every weekday and some weekend hours to finish this process in as timely a manner as possible.