NC Highway 12 is Controlled by the State of North Carolina

North Carolina State Highway 12 (“NC 12″), sections of which are marked by signs in Southern Shores as “Ocean Boulevard” or “Duck Road”, is owned by the State of North Carolina and is maintained by its North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Ownership and control of NC 12, including all its right of way, precedes the incorporation of Southern Shores as a municipality. Although, the State of North Carolina has granted the Town of Southern Shores and Dare County concurrent jurisdiction within NC 12’s right of way boundaries for administration and enforcement of traffic and criminal laws, maintenance control of the highway and it’s right of way remains the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina. NCDOT’s exclusive jurisdiction includes control of placement of any traffic and pedestrian signaling devices, and utility placements. Any maintenance or improvement activities occurring within the right of way of NC 12 by any governmental unit other than NCDOT, may only be done in accordance with express permission granted by NCDOT.

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