Notice of Public Forum for Southern Shores Residents and Property Owners

Notice of Public Forum for Southern Shores Residents and Property Owners
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday March 7, 2016
Pitts Center, 5375 N. Virginia Dare Trail, Southern Shores, NC 27949

A public open house will be held to discuss the Town’s Code of Ordinances and results of the recent Citizen Survey. This will be an interactive, discussion-focused public forum. Residents can learn about the process for the Town Code Update Project, the citizen survey results, and discuss the project and survey findings with each other and the project team.
The evening will be organized into four main activities:
Part 1. Exhibition of the survey results – In an open house setting, residents will have the opportunity to review the survey results and select questions for further discussion during Part 3 the forum.
Part 2. Tour of the Town Code – The project team will overview the current Town Code. This will help set the stage for the conversation in Part 3.
Part 3. Conversation – A community conversation about the current Town Code contents and the survey results. Residents will have a chance to register additional comments and ask questions about the survey results or Town Code contents. This discussion will help to guide the next stage of the project.
Part 4. Wrap up – Learn about the upcoming steps of the project and future opportunities for engagement.
Results of the public forum will be shared with the Town Council during a public meeting to be conducted on April 5, 2016.

Town Hall will be closed today, Jan 18th. due to the impacts of the winter storm.