Former Practice Aircraft Training Area Safety Protocol Letter

Some property owners in Town have recently received a safety protocol letter from the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding the former practice aircraft training area in Southern Shores which existed in the 1940s. According to the Corps of Engineers’ FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Site) Project Manager overseeing this notice, since the former training area is so low on the DOD’s priority for a full investigation and funds are not currently available for a closure investigation, the US Army Corps of Engineers is notifying property owners of safety protocols. Unfortunately, the local government administration was not notified prior to these notices going out, and the Project Manager has expressed regret over that. View a copy of the safety protocol brochure here. View a copy of the Corps’ recently made available 2007 report here.

Change in Beach Nourishment Schedule – Nourishment of the Kitty Hawk/Southern Shores beaches is now scheduled to commence in early August. Given the haul distance from Borrow Area A to KDH is significantly shorter than the distance to KH, GLDD is strongly considering constructing KDH before they do Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores. The shorter distance is more conducive to the smaller dredges and they want to maximize their production while the Dodge and Padre are on site.