Preliminary Design of Possible Pedestrian Walkway Along East Dogwood Trail

Considering the January 17, 2017 recommendation of the South and East Dogwood Trails Task Force presented to the Southern Shores Town Council on February 7, 2017, the Council directed the design of a 5’ wide walkway along South and East Dogwood Trails. The preliminary design of the first segment is now available. The walkway is included on the potential FY 17-18 list of potential infrastructure projects to be considered by the Town Council at its July 11, 2017 Regular Meeting following a Public Hearing on the potential projects at the same meeting. Preliminary drawings depicting approximately 4,375 linear feet of 5′ wide concrete path running from the East Dogwood intersection with North and South Dogwood out to NC Hwy 12. As reported by the Town’s designing engineer, this section of the designed possible walkway proposes some additional work to East Dogwood Trail to reduce the overall impact on the street.