Public Notice- Three Public Hearings January 22, 2016


Notice is hereby given that the Southern Shores Town Council will hold three Public Hearings on January 22, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. in the Pitts Center located at 5377 N. Virginia Dare Trl. The purpose of the Public Hearings are to consider each of the following Zoning Text Amendment applications: ZTA-16-02 ZTA-16-02 Large Structures 14Occupancy, ZTA-16-03 ZTA-16-03 Large Structures Max. Sq. Ft, and ZTA-16-04 ZTA-16-04 Large Structures Graduated Sq. Ft submitted by Town Staff to amend the Southern Shores Town Code by amending Chapter 36, Zoning to address large homes. The applications and related materials are available for public inspection at or during regular office hours at Town Hall. For additional information or questions, please contact Town Hall at (252) 261-2394 or email

6/26/17 **The street contractor has informed the Town it will need to actually close traffic today through tomorrow as the last act of paving for the Juniper Trail improvement project. Signs will go up as before when the street is closed.
Change in Beach Nourishment Schedule – Nourishment of the Kitty Hawk/Southern Shores beaches is now scheduled to commence in early August. Given the haul distance from Borrow Area A to KDH is significantly shorter than the distance to KH, GLDD is strongly considering constructing KDH before they do Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores. The shorter distance is more conducive to the smaller dredges and they want to maximize their production while the Dodge and Padre are on site.