The Town of Southern Shores schedules two (2) bulk waste collections each year.
One in the spring (April) and one in the fall (October). Dates to be announced.

The next scheduled bulk waste collection will be:


Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

Approved items for collection may be placed in the street right-of-way not earlier than Friday, October 27, 2017.


 Items should be ready for pick-up no later than 5:00 a.m. on the scheduled bulk waste collection day.

• Bulk waste CAN include large items such as :
• Mattresses, Sofas, Chairs, Dressers, Furniture, etc.
• Exercise Equipment
• Hot Tub Covers (no Hot Tubs)
• Refrigerators or any Appliances that contain hazardous waste (Refrigerant/Freon) must be tagged stating Freon has been removed (it not tagged it will not be collected) *please remove doors from refrigerators for safety
• Yard and vegetative debris WILL be collected. However, it must be bagged in (clear or brown paper bags only) or tied in bundles (four (4) foot lengths or less with each bundle weighing no more than 50 pounds) otherwise it will be rejected and not picked up.

These materials will NOT be collected.
• Televisions
• Hot Tubs, Water Heaters
• Basketball Goal Posts
• Refrigerators or any Appliances that contain hazardous waste (Refrigerant/Freon)
• Hazardous materials such as Paints, Solvents, Chemicals, etc.
• Building materials or Demolition debris such as Lumber, Scrap Lumber, Roofing, Doors, Screens, Windows, Stairs, Carpet, Cabinets, Toilets, Pallets, etc.
• Soil, Rocks, Concrete, and Stumps
• Tires, any item(s) containing Gasoline

*Please do not place items for the large item pickup at the roadside until one week before your pickup will be held. If the contractor does not take an item(s) you placed on the roadside, it has been rejected and must be disposed of at your expense. Take pride in your home and respect your neighbors. Please do not leave trash at the roadside expecting it to be picked up.

*Please note that the entire town is picked up in one day. This requires the contractor to work into the very late evening. Please do not call Town Hall the day of pickup about missed pick-up inquires as the contractor is most likely still completing pickup. If a pickup is missed please call the day after scheduled pickup for assistance.



Call Waste Management to schedule a Special Bulk Waste pick-up at 855-964-2845.
There is a fee for this service. $100 for the first item and $25 for each additional item. Payment is taken over the telephone. Please contact Waste Management to confirm rates have not increased and for guidelines.
rev. 3/4/2016