“The Fire Department”

The Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a separate entity, independent of any local government. Chartered as a North Carolina not for profit corporation, the SSVFD exists for the specific purpose of providing fire protection services to client-customers. Currently, its client-customers are the Town of Southern Shores and Dare County for its unincorporated area of Martins Point subdivision. The Town of Southern Shores is provided fire protection services by the SSVFD pursuant to the terms and conditions of a single and formal contract between the two parties. A copy of that contract, and other documents related to fire protection services, may be viewed with all the Town’s other service contracts on the Town website at  http://southernshores-nc.gov/town-government/administration/public-documents/service-contracts/. The SSVFD, through its own governing board elected by its membership, exclusively owns and controls all the Department’s assets, including its real property, its personal property, and its rolling stock and fire apparatus. The SSVFD employs its fulltime Chief and administrative support, and the remaining volunteer members of the SSVFD serve as firefighters or support personnel. The Town of Southern Shores does not own or control title to any of the SSVFD’s assets, nor does it employ any SSVFD personnel.

Town Hall will be closed today, Jan 18th. due to the impacts of the winter storm.