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New Tall Pine Bridge Now Officially Open To Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic

Construction of the new Tall Pine Bridge in Southern Shores along South Dogwood Trail over the Snow Goose Canal is complete and, as of 12:00 Noon Thursday May 12, 2016, the bridge was officially open to traffic. General Contractor  Keystone Contracting Co. Inc. of Greenville, NC completed the project earlier than contractually required. A majority of the $ 1.3 million total bridge cost was funded by the Federal Highway Administration under its Municipal Bridge Replacement Program. The grant was administered by the NC Department of Transportation, which also performed required third-party daily inspection services during the construction period. Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. designed the new bridge as a replacement  for the previous 50-year old bridge which had for years been classified as ‘ “Functionally” and “Structurally” Obsolete” ‘ on annual bridge inspection reports. Designed and constructed in strict compliance with Federal Highway Administration guidelines, the bridge’s street deck features a designated pedestrian transit space on the east side adjacent to aluminum cast guard rails – in contrast to the higher concrete sides on the opposite west side. Town of Southern Shores Public Works Director, Rachel Patrick, administered the contract for the Town with Keystone Contracting during the 9-month construction period. This bridge replacement project saved the taxpayers of the Town of Southern Shores $1,040,000.


Tall Pine Bridge Replacement Project

The final design for the much needed replacement of the Tall Pine Bridge is available for public review in the Town Hall conference room or by clicking Tall Pine bridge plan – two lanes

UPDATE: Subsequent to NC Department of Transportation approval following a formal public bid process, a construction contract was awarded in October 2015 to Keystone Contracting Co. for the Tall Pine Bridge replacement project. The contractor mobilized to the site and the bridge was closed on November 16, 2015. The Town’s contractor has completed the work necessary to remove the existing functionally obsolete bridge. All utilities have been removed from the underside of the bridge and are now relocated, including a new Dare County waterline bored under the canal bed. The new bridge is scheduled to be completed by the end of May, 2016. The project is funded by an 80% of costs grant from the Federal Highway Administration administered by the NC Department of Transportation. All on site work is being inspected daily by an onsite inspector of the NC Department of Transportation as a condition of the grant. Those portions of the demolition and construction work which might affect water quality of the Snow Goose Canal must be completed by February 15 pursuant to the Coastal Area Management Act Major Permit governing the work.

The bridge will remain closed until May 2016. Residents are urged to stay clear of the work area at all times during demolition and construction. There will be several instances when the canal will be closed to boat traffic for several days at a time, those dates have yet to be determined.

Note that the bridge will be closed for the duration of the construction period. No vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles are allowed to enter the work zone during the construction of the new bridge.

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