Settlement Agreement for Dare County file No. 13-CVS-25, Sampson Contracting, Inc. v. Town of Southern Shores, et al – as terms were announced by Town Attorney in April 7, 2015 open meeting of Town Council.





Town of Southern Shores’ Canal Maintenance Dredging Project Concludes

The maintenance dredging of all 7.5 miles of publically-owned navigable canals within the Town of Southern Shores has now been completed reports Southern Shores Town Manager Peter Rascoe.  Conducted in two concurrent phases with actual dredging work beginning in late 2009, the second phase of this public project was completed on February 23, 2014 by contractor Salmons Dredging, Inc. of Virginia Beach, VA. All canals have been dredged to depths ranging from 4 to 5 feet and are navigable by recreational vessels originating from adjacent home sites or the Currituck Sound. Unlike coastal canals subject to salt water and lunar tides, these canals were not filled with migrating sand but rather with mainly organic material accumulated over years due to falling matter from surrounding trees in Southern Shores’ dense maritime forest. Some sand from non-stabilized shorelines of adjacent properties had also shifted into the canals.

Southern Shores Mayor Tom Bennett states “We are very fortunate to have now completed this project as it will have a positive impact on all property values in the Town and will ultimately benefit all our citizens through the effect of a growing property base. This was the largest single infrastructure improvement project ever undertaken by our Town. The project’s successful completion is a credit to the citizens who worked with Town staff to make it possible. It only adds to the attractiveness of the Town of Southern Shores as a place to live and visit.”

As early as 1991 the Southern Shores Town Council began to discuss the decreasing depths of existing canals dug by the original  private developer over a twenty-year period between 1956 and 1976. Ownership of the canals was subsequently conveyed by the developer to homeowner associations.  In 2003, the Southern Shores Town Council began discussions about how to acquire and actually dredge the canals and dispose of resulting dredged material. In 2005, the Town of Southern Shores received title to all canal bottom lands, and the Town Council commenced formal preparations to dredge all canals.

In late 2009, funded by the Town’s general fund and supplemented with a major grant from the NC Division of Water Resources, the Town commenced actual dredging work on the first 2.5 miles of canals utilizing the State permit-mandated hydraulic dredging method. That phase was completed in 2011. In 2013, dredging commenced for the remaining 5.0 miles of canals utilizing the mechanical dredging method as allowed by the recently amended State permit. Completion of that final phase occurred on February 23, 2014.   “Salmons Dredging, Inc. performed very professionally and non-stop in accordance with the terms of both the contract and the existing permit during the latest phase” reported Town Manager Peter Rascoe. The second phase of work was also funded from the Town’s general fund utilizing a loan amortized over seven years. The cost to the Town for the actual dredging work of both phases has been $3,465,377.00. “Over 50,000 cubic yards of material was removed from the canals and incoming channel during the entire dredging project” stated the Town’s consulting engineer and dredging project manager Joe Anlauf. Anlauf also added that he is “very pleased with Salmons Dredging, Inc. and the positive outcome of this project”. All dredging work has been regulated by the provisions of a NC Coastal Area Management Act Major Permit, which incorporated terms and conditions imposed by various federal and state environmental and wildlife protection agencies.