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Welcome to the Town of Southern Shores

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to Currituck Sound and Ginguite Creek, Southern Shores is a premiere residential community on the Outer Banks. Located along US158 and NC 12, Southern Shores is known for its great weather, beautiful homes and tremendous community pride.

This Site provides information for residents and visitors who want to know more about Southern Shores town government, staff and services.


  • For Improvements to Private Properties, the Town of Southern Shores Administers and Enforces its Town Code (2/1/2017) - Several associations administer and enforce private restrictive or protective covenants governing certain properties in the Town of Southern Shores. The private covenants are agreements between the property owner and the governing association, and include each association’s process for approving proposed improvements on a property. The Town of Southern Shores is not a party to private […]
  • NC Highway 12 is Controlled by the State of North Carolina (1/30/2017) - North Carolina State Highway 12 (“NC 12″), sections of which are marked by signs in Southern Shores as “Ocean Boulevard” or “Duck Road”, is owned by the State of North Carolina and is maintained by its North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Ownership and control of NC 12, including all its right of way, precedes […]
  • Southern Shores’ Participation in Dare County Occupancy Tax (1/30/2017) - The Town of Southern Shores receives a portion of the Dare County occupancy taxes. The Town does not collect the tax, nor does it receive the full amount of the tax collected from individual rental properties in Southern Shores. For a full explanation of the process of occupancy tax collection and distribution by Dare County, […]
  • “The Fire Department” (1/23/2017) - The Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a separate entity, independent of any local government. Chartered as a North Carolina not for profit corporation, the SSVFD exists for the specific purpose of providing fire protection services to client-customers. Currently, its client-customers are the Town of Southern Shores and Dare County for its unincorporated area […]
  • Beach Accesses (1/20/2017) - The Town of Southern Shores does not own or control any accesses from a public street right-of-way to the public trust ocean beach. The Town has permission from the Southern Shores Civic Association to use three of that entity’s accesses to the beach for the limited purpose of access by emergency response personnel. Owners of […]
  • Taxpayers’ Dollars Are Only Used For Public Purposes (7/2/2015) - The Town of Southern Shores strives to use its taxpayers’ dollars wisely. Your public tax dollars may only be used by the Town for a public purpose. Therefore the Town cannot and will not use your tax dollars for any improvements or repairs to properties in Town owned by individuals or other entities and for […]
  • NC General Assembly will convene on January 25, 2017 at noon (1/23/2017) - The NC General Assembly will convene on January 25, 2017 at noon (12:00 PM)  
  • Special Session Called (12/12/2016) - The Governor has called the General Assembly into a special session convening Tuesday December 13th at 10:00 AM to deal with recent disaster recovery efforts and any other matters lawmakers decide to consider. Governor’s Proclamation: General Assembly website:
  • Legislative Summaries for 2016 (8/23/2016) - Legislative Summaries for 2016  


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